Journey to America: The Second Coming

Our second family trip to America was more meaningful and more prudent. We already knew «where we want?», «why?», «how long?» and of course «how much will it cost us».

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

In general, our second trip can be called: «Orlando — along and across» 🙂

It was decided to change the arrival airport to one closer to the final point of our route — coveted and regularly remembered throughout the year — Orlando.

And then we had a small problem: well, we haven’t come across information anywhere on the vast expanses of the Internet that planes from Europe fly directly to the Orlando airport 🙁

So Miami International Airport was chosen, which is only 383 km from the city of Orlando. However, there was also a positive moment here; our decision allowed us to plan an acquaintance with Miami, a place known, probably, in all corners of our Sharik.

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

It must be said that a huge number of planes from Europe fly to Miami, the choice is no less than in New York.

Already experienced in choosing the time of departure and arrival, we chose a Lufthansa flight that lands not late in the afternoon, so it is much easier to get to bed at the hotel and survive the first day of getting used to the «new» time.

Based on the experience of the previous trip, we knew that it is easier for the body to land in place in the daytime at the time of arrival, when the day is still in full swing, and for this, taking into account the flight 10 hours to Miami, departure from Europe should be early morning Central European Time.

When choosing the location of our future deployment, we followed the standard scheme: “If Miami, then Miami Beach. If Miami Beach, then Ocean Drive», — we decided and chose a hotel right on this super-popular world-famous beach street.

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

In fact, not many vacationers in the numerous Miami Beach hotels on the ocean coast know that Miami Beach is only part of a large modern « high-rise» Miami.

Ocean Drive, completely atypical for Miami, one of its areas, so different from its majestic Downtown Miami.

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

Our choice fell on hotel Beacon 4* with history and architecture and in the very middle of Ocean Drive, of course on the first line from the ocean, and of course with a view of it!!!

Remember? We promised to return to the ocean 😉

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

And also important, the chosen hotel is located only 17 km from the airport of our arrival, which is significant after a 10-hour flight across the ocean, when heroism ends almost immediately after leaving the airport building 🙂

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

We pre-selected a car rental company at Miami airport and reserved a car for the entire duration of our trip. As we already knew, the most profitable option is to pick up and drop off a rental car at the same pick-up point, in our case Miami International Airport.

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

We took our Toyota safely!!!! and without any problems we reached the hotel in less than an hour using the navigator and, having laid out our things, wandered off to find a snack and look at the ocean before going to bed, which became more and more necessary as the sun set.

Valet or Valet parking plate, I’m writing for those who don’t know, it means a place where you can stop, give the keys to the valet and the car will be driven to a parking lot, which may be nearby. Check the cost of an hour parking, it may not be cheap at all on Ocean Drive!You can pick up your car at the same place, after waiting a little for its arrival, with the card you received when handing over the car.

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

In vain we worried that party Ocean Drive «waking up at night» would not let us sleep, on the streets already after 23 and all night it was calm and quite quiet, and the closed double-glazed windows of the hotel did not let in the remaining sounds.

Путешествие в Америку: второе пришествие

In any case, it’s better not to crawl out from under the air conditioners at night, even at the end of August.

Good night, Miami!

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