The American Dream is better sooner than later

«America is not all Manhattan!» — Although this is a joke, it is true. As promised, I present here the final thoughts on the results of our Third, and most colorful, trip to the USA. I honestly admit, I puzzled over this short note the most and conducted surveys among household members. And so: 1) […]

It's raining again on Brighton Beach?!

It’s raining again on Brighton Beach?! Coming to Brighton Beach had a dual purpose: firstly, Brighton Beach is only 30 minutes by car from JFK Airport, and from there it is difficult to miss our return plane. And secondly, Brighton Beach has such a controversial reputation that I wanted to see everything with my own

Bear Mountain: America's Natural Parks

Our family’s third trip to America was inexorably moving toward the end. Initially we thought of holding it on the ocean coast. But after scrolling through many booking offers and not choosing anything, we chose the Hudson coast. The hotel was chosen due to its location right on the territory of the Bear Mountain State

Boston what to see?

Boston what to see? It was expected that this would be the most boring material on my blog… because it’s hard to watch anything when everything is closed… because we arrived in Boston on Labor Day, or Labor Day 🙁 celebrated every first Monday in September, and in 2018 it fell on September 3… BUT!

Great Lakes

On the road from Niagara to Boston, we stopped at one place at random, not deviating too much from the route, well, I really wanted to see the Great Lakes with my own eyes, well, at least a piece… maps, of course geographical 😉, turned out to be Ontario. Ontario — the smallest Great Lake,

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, or Niagara the Great After spending 7 hours on the road, one and a half of which we got out of New York, we arrived in the town of Niagara Falls, New York State. As expected, the settlement of Niagara Falls — a very tiny town built around the world famous waterfall and

Third trip to America, or “down with rose-colored glasses”

Our third family trip to America somewhat corrected the already established rosy opinion about this country, so to speak «took off the rose-colored glasses». The fact is that we managed to organize the trip in such a way as to look at America… from different angles… talk to a lot of people… get opinions… Looking

Orlando Florida

Orlando in 3 days — what to see? Orlando — a large city in central Florida, just 75 km from the Atlantic Ocean and numerous beaches. Orlando — entertainment and tourism kingdom! In the center of Orlando downtown is located Lake Iola or Eola Lake with a fountain in the center. This fountain is a

By car along the East Coast of America

By car along the East Coast of America — from Washington to Orlando Florida It’s easy to rent a car in America, it’s even easier to return it back, you just drive up to the return parking lot and while you’re taking out your things, a smiling young man takes the keys and GPS, and

New York in 3 days

New York in 3 days — what to see? New York falls on the head of a traveler who has just completed a long flight over the Atlantic with all its color, brightness, diversity and city noise… 3 days in New York is of course not enough, if you want to explore this colossal city

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