Third trip to America, or “down with rose-colored glasses”

Our third family trip to America somewhat corrected the already established rosy opinion about this country, so to speak «took off the rose-colored glasses». The fact is that we managed to organize the trip in such a way as to look at America… from different angles… talk to a lot of people… get opinions…

Третье путешествие в Америку, или «долой розовые очки»

Looking ahead: I will share my conclusions at the very end of the material 😉 I hope this will be another reason to read these notes to the end 🙂

So, our third family trip to America can be officially called: «Gallop across the Americas», or more precisely «Gallop across North America».

The basic plan was to drive through the northern part of the USA, along the border, see the Great Lakes, and possibly Canada.

I’ll say right away that we saw Canada only from the opposite bank, because:

Russian citizens are not allowed to enter Canada with an American visa; you must obtain a Canadian visa.

The flight was booked by Lufthansa Airlines on our already tested online air ticket booking service

Why Lufthansa?


  • firstly, Lufthansa offers a large selection of flights planes from Europe to America,
  • secondly, most often it is Lufthansa that owns the most convenient transfers in Europe (the main hub of Lufthansa — Frankfurt am Main ), with minimal wait at intermediate airports,
  • thirdly, Lufthansa prices are in «golden» in the middle relative to prices of other airlines, with a consistently high quality of service, fourthly, it is beneficial if you are a member of the miles accumulation program Miles & More Lufthansa.

Третье путешествие в Америку, или «долой розовые очки»

By the way, if you have not yet joined Miles & More Lufthansa, then it’s better to do this, and get nice bonuses while traveling 😉 For reference, the official website of the Miles & More

The next most important thing when preparing a trip to America — This is a car rental! You can’t live in the USA without a car!

Convenient and comfortable for five, the Ford Explorer was booked from the rental a car company we liked last time, Dollar… on a site that has never let you down — ➔ using the link you can compare the prices of the main car rental companies in the USA. — car rental service all over the world, a subsidiary service of the huge, which is worthy of a certain trust.

Renting a Ford Explorer for 9 days of our stay with pickup and return of the car at JFK Airport in New York with full insurance, GPS and the addition of a second driver cost us $385

Below is a form in which, when you enter the details of your intended trip, you will receive a comparison of car rental prices in America from more than 30 rent a car companies

If you read our First trip to America and our Second trip to America, then you already know that a flight from Europe to New York takes 8 hours, and from Europe to Miami — 10 hours.

The original plan was to travel from New York to Chicago and back. As a big fan of the series «Ambulance» I wanted to see well-known views and familiar faces 🙂 But common sense and a large number of online reviews that there was “nothing really to see in Chicago” did their job, and the detour was almost 800 km! was cancelled.

Третье путешествие в Америку, или «долой розовые очки»

And so, the route was as follows: New York — Niagara Falls — Boston/Harvard — Bear Forest — Brighton Beach. Are you intrigued ?! 🙂

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