Great Lakes

On the road from Niagara to Boston, we stopped at one place at random, not deviating too much from the route, well, I really wanted to see the Great Lakes with my own eyes, well, at least a piece… maps, of course geographical 😉, turned out to be Ontario.

Великие озера

Ontario — the smallest Great Lake, and yes, the opposite shore is not visible even from this «baby». Ontario Beach Park is located where the Genesse River flows into Ontario.

Великие озера

Ontario Beach park

And then mysticism happened to us… We travel and see quite a lot, but here we were visited by such peace that photographs of this place still adorn the screensavers of our phones and the desktops of our laptops.

Великие озераThis photo is on the desktop of my laptop!

Perhaps this is just a confluence of sensations and states, but one way or another this entire blog is subjective.

I wanted to stay here forever… It was a day off, the vacationers rested with complete self-denial!!! Children swimming, playing in the sand, beach volleyball players, mini picnics, and even a wedding on the beach just to the left… it was all so nice, like a family… and immediately I didn’t want to rush somewhere… we walked along the pier, swam to our hearts’ content and even took a nap on the green lawn.

Великие озера

Великие озера

There were still 6 hours of travel left to Boston. And I didn’t want to move… Великие озера

In addition to the lyrics, I’ll say that we had a wonderful time eating excellent sushi at a local restaurant and eating delicious ice cream.

We didn’t see the park near Ontario beach 🙁

  • small vintage lighthouse Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse
  • Seneca Park Zoo 10 minutes by car

Another time!

Великие озера

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