The American Dream is better sooner than later

«America is not all Manhattan!» — Although this is a joke, it is true.

As promised, I present here the final thoughts on the results of our Third, and most colorful, trip to the USA.

I honestly admit, I puzzled over this short note the most and conducted surveys among household members. And so:

«Американская мечта» лучше раньше чем позже

1) America is very different and you need to understand exactly where and why you are going.

2) Don’t expect a «golden shower» to fall on you when crossing the US border. Without a doubt, this is a country of enormous opportunities, but also of enormous work, talent, and even «life-giving» in the name of future well-being… real or fictional?! it’s up to you! Whatever you can achieve here will be in proportion to your hard work every day.

To be fair, this coin also has a flip side: it is much more pleasant when «He who works eats», and eats as much as he earned, than vice versa…

3) If you decide to move to the USA without any special talent, unique creative «know-how», exceptional hard work, or cash reserves, then you need to be prepared for the fact that you may become part of a huge multi-talking American hive working on 10-12 hours a day.

You may also never be able to find a job you love in the states, and your ambitions will remain unfulfilled.

4) Be prepared for an unusual lack of required vacations, maternity leave, pensions … You organize all this for yourself during your working career.

5) Having arrived from Europe to America, you will encounter many everyday problems and problems that will cause you a lot of discomfort: miles, Fahrenheit, price tags in stores without state tax, which you need to quickly calculate in your head 8230; Of course, the most comfortable way to settle down in the USA — come to study and stay to work.

6) USA — undoubtedly a country of enormous opportunity, but also of enormous competition. Is it a joke 340 million people.

USA — a huge, densely populated, multinational market that is not at all poor. And everyone comes here with an idea, energy… not everyone can cope with this and get into the rhythm.

CONCLUSION 1: I may have exaggerated too much, but this is a harsh reality. However, the one who walks will master the road 😉

CONCLUSION 2: think with such thoughts, we have finally fallen into pessimism?! Not so! We are in full swing planning our fourth family trip to the States!

After all, America — this is cool!

Wait for the continuation…

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