It's raining again on Brighton Beach?!

It’s raining again on Brighton Beach?!

Coming to Brighton Beach had a dual purpose: firstly, Brighton Beach is only 30 minutes by car from JFK Airport, and from there it is difficult to miss our return plane.

And secondly, Brighton Beach has such a controversial reputation that I wanted to see everything with my own eyes.

На Брайтон-Бич опять идут дожди?!

And so… who doesn’t know, Brighton Beach — Russian-speaking area of ​​New York. The area became famous at the end of the 20th century as a place of mass settlement by those migrating from the USSR.

Brighton Beach made a mixed impression on us. Stuck somewhere between nostalgic socialism and centuries-old capitalism, this area is full of contrasts of hope and despair. We managed to talk with several local residents, fortunately there are no language problems in Brighton Beach 🙂 so life here is not much like a fairy tale…

На Брайтон-Бич опять идут дожди?!

However, if the goal in itself is simply to move to America without global plans and strong ambitions, then the area is comfortable for living… shops and restaurants with staff who speak Russian, bookstores and newspapers, familiar signs and products in stores, a promenade along the ocean with such familiar faces — all this promises minimal stress from moving.

About the rain on Brighton Beach — I’m not kidding. We, who so wanted to swim in the ocean one last time, were unable to do so; Brighton Beach greeted us with a rather strong thunderstorm.

На Брайтон-Бич опять идут дожди?!

I almost forgot about the hotel.

Since this was our first time in this part of New York and there were no additional directions, we chose a proven Best Western hotel:

Best Western Plus Brooklyn Bay Hotel

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