When the visa and air ticket are already in hand…

We are a family of five, of whom three are children of middle school age, not small anymore, but not big enough to sit in one place for a long time 😉

Когда виза и авиабилет уже в руках…

many parents understand me now 😉 Therefore, I would like to take into account in the future that when planning the route of our trip, the wishes of our younger family members were taken into account many times.

We are going to America for the first time, and perhaps experienced travelers to the States would correct many of our actions.

Of course, it would have been possible to go without children, but I wanted to make this long and difficult journey as a family and discover America together!

Когда виза и авиабилет уже в руках…

We received an American visa surprisingly easily, although we read a lot of scarecrows on the Internet about refusals for various reasons, and even for no reason… Now we have our own personal positive! experience on this issue, and we can talk about it with confidence.

Our trip was NOT planned six months in advance, as would have been more correct and possibly cheaper. We decided to go on this trip a month before the intended trip, received a visa a week before the departure date, air tickets were paid 5 days before departure… In short, we broke all the templates of «independent travelers»…

Of course we asked the price for air tickets in advance, there are five of us after all, it won’t be cheap 🙁

Many airlines fly to New York with a stopover or two or three stopovers in European cities — airlines British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, AirFrance, Swiss, Alitalia, AirSerbia, and of course the Russian Aeroflot.

Here we looked at air tickets and looked at the options:

We deliberately did not watch the direct flight of Aeroflot Moscow — New York, since sitting motionless on a plane for 11 hours seemed more difficult to us than 2-3 hours on one plane, then «warm-up your legs» on the transfer, and another 8 hours on the next plane to our cherished final landing point.

As a result of all our choices and estimates, we chose an AirFrance flight with a transfer in Paris, this is certainly a reliable airline, the ticket was in the price category slightly lower than AirSerbia, which we did not trust (I’m sure this is a prejudice, may AirSerbia forgive us), time for The transfer and wait are only 2 hours, quite enough to get to the desired terminal, have a snack … and arrival in New York at 21:00 local time, of course, on our biological it was 3 o’clock in the morning, but we survived without falling asleep, got to the hotel, crawled to the bed, passed out, but in the morning we already felt quite at ease & ;#171;New York» time, although we got up at 7 am local time…

Conclusion: not everything is as scary as they say on the internet!

Across America by plane, train, car

So, our route: along the Atlantic coast of the USA, well, going deep into the mainland, from New York to Florida — 5 cities, 6 states and 1865 km

— to New York from Paris — by plane

— from New York to Washington — by train

— from Washington passing through with short stops Charlotte-Jacksonville-Orlando, Florida — by car

-from Orlando Florida to New York — ; by plane

Когда виза и авиабилет уже в руках…

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