Day 3 in New York

3 day in New York — New York Museum Mile

The art museums of New York deserve special attention; they contain the richest collections of different eras and movements.

The so-called «New York’s Museum Mile» is located on the section of Fifth Avenue in New York City between approximately 82 and 110 Streets.

3 день в Нью-Йорке

On these one and a half kilometers there are 11 major Museums of New York:

— Metropolitan Museum of Art at 82 Street — one of the largest art museums in the world

— Solomon Guggenheim Museum on 88 Street

— National Academy of Design at 89 Street

— Jewish Museum on 92 Street

— Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at 91 Street

— Goethe German Cultural Center on 83 Street

— New gallery on 86 Street

— International Center of Photography at 94 Street

— Museum of New York at 103 Street

— Barrio Museum on 104 Street

— Museum of African Art at 110 Street

4 day in New York — Lower Manhattan

If you have 4 days in New York, then I advise you to devote a whole day to exploring Lower Manhattan, where the legendary Brooklyn Bridge is located (by the way, BIG BUS has a separate route in Brooklyn), Memorial 9/11 to the victims of September 11, One World Observatory, famous and glorified in numerous Wall Street films with the memorable The Bull of Wall Street, here is of course the New York Stock Exchange — world financial center.

3 день в Нью-Йорке

Sightseeing BIG BUS route in Brooklynstarts at the already well-known Battery Park. The first bus leaves at 10:30, the last at 15:00, the BIG BUS route in Brooklyn on the BIG BUS bus route map (see above) is indicated in green.

Brooklyn BIG BUS makes two stops: at Battery Park, and the second near One World Observatory, from where the phenomenal bird’s eye view of New York and the Hudson.

3 день в Нью-Йорке

3 день в Нью-Йорке

3 день в Нью-Йорке

To get to Lower Manhattan, as already described above, you can take the BIG BUS bus or the subway, which is much faster, but less exciting 😉

3 день в Нью-Йорке

3 день в Нью-Йорке

Next stop — Washington

The more I wrote this article, the more I realized how little we managed to see in New York 🙁

This is our first time in New York and therefore our main priority when planning routes around the city was to spend a minimum of time moving around and have as much time as possible to see.

Of course, your own path to exploring New York will be based on your personal preferences.

3 день в Нью-Йорке

Our 3 days in New York flew by at incredible speed, leaving a lot of unforgettable impressions, and we are packing our suitcases for our further journey. Tomorrow at 10:30 am our train departs from Pennsylvania Station, or Penn Station, New York to the capital of America — Washington city.

New York Penn Station just 2 km from our Blakely New York hotel, and it doesn’t seem far away, but we decide not to trudge along on foot with our suitcases through the crowded hot streets of Manhattan.

We called Uber to the door of our hotel, the car arrived super quickly, and after 20 minutes of busy New York traffic we were there — Penn Station

By the way, when spending time in New York, I categorically DO NOT recommend that you even think about moving around New York in a rented car, it is absolutely NOT convenient, NOT comfortable and NOT economical. Using Uber in New York will cost you much less and is certainly safer, since not every driver will immediately get used to the crazy traffic of the Big Apple. And to back up my conclusion with numbers, I’ll say: a 15-minute journey on Uber Max, don’t forget the five of us don’t fit in a regular car, our wonderful Blakely New York hotel cost us at a measly $13.53 for a distance of 1.2 miles (about 2 km) + tip. Convinced!?!

The high-speed train runs with stops of only 3 hours, Wi-Fi is available, the journey will pass unnoticed 🙂

Washington, meet us!

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